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The Far Side of Avalon | One shot

Title: The Far Side of Avalon
By: revenant_scribe

Pairing: 007/Q, Arthur/Merlin
Rating: PG
Status: Oneshot
Word Count: 2,607
A/N: This is a short one-shot that preludes a much larger Bond/Q fic that I have in the works. It crosses BBC Merlin with the Craig films so that magic, though not widely known of, does exist. No knowledge of Merlin is necessary to enjoy, though it will enhance.

Summary: Arthur once asked him to never change, but after seventeen lifetimes Merlin finds that change is impossible to avoid and not necessarily a bad thing.

Posted @: AO3
Tags: author: revenant, crossover, fic, james bond, pairing: bond/q, q, rating: pg-13
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