revenant_scribe (revenant_scribe) wrote in bond_slash,

Once and Again: prologue

Title: Once and Again
By: revenant_scribe

Pairing: 007/Q, Arthur/Merlin
Rating: PG
Chapter: prologue
Word Count: 2,607
A/N: This is the larger story that follows my oneshot The Far Side of Avalon. It crosses BBC Merlin with the Craig films so that magic, though not widely known of, does exist. No knowledge of Merlin is necessary to enjoy, though it will enhance.

Summary: In which Merlin Emrys, on his seventeenth reincarnation, finds himself employed at MI6 as Quartermaster struggling to keep his magic secret from his new boss whilst doing all he can to protect an obnoxious, infuriating, impossible blond and everything is so very much like the first time around except for all the ways it is massively different.

Posted @: AO3
Tags: author: revenant, crossover, fic, pairing: bond/q, skyfall, slash
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